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United States vs Developed Countries on Gun Control

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     When comparing the United States to other developed countries on gun control, you'll notice not only a lower amount of firearms per citizen but also a lower amount of homicides that include firearms. The topic on what to do with guns remains political, but comparing the differences between us and other countries is sociological. There are several reasons as to why the United States has a much higher homicide rate, but a surprising amount of reasons why the purchases of firearms has helped reduced the amount of crime of the United States and how compared to other developed countries, is potentially a lot more safer. There's many statistics to also compare, not just the laws.


     The United States is one of the most populated countries on Earth, coming in at 3rd. However, it's one of the most easiest countries you can also buy a gun in. The topic of gun control in the United States has been an interesting one, and when you compare the statistics compared to other developed countries on their gun control, you'll find it either surprising or not. We will be taking a look at firearm death rate, the laws when it comes to purchases guns, and the gun ownership/homicide rate between the United States and other developed countries. 


     When we look at the firearm death rate in the United States, it shockingly sits at around 10.2 in every 100,000 population (Preidt). Other developed countries such as Canada, Norway, Japan commonly sit between 0 to 2.3 (Preidt). However, a large reason as to why the United States has a big number is due to the amount of suicide committed through firearm. This number is 6.1, whereas its homicide number is 3.6 (Preidt). Nearly every other developed country though has a similar affect between its suicide-homicide deaths from firearms and so the United States isn't excused here. When we compare the United States homicide rates/firearms per citizen, however, we will notice that the United States has a much smaller homicide rate than it would largely because of the amount of firearms it has per citizen. The United States has almost 90 guns per 100 population and its homicide rate sits around 5 (Crime 2016).


You can almost say that the amount of homicides in the United States is a dependent variable that relies on the independent variable which is the amount of guns per citizen. The more there is, the less people want to risk it. When looking at the laws between the United States and other developed countries, you'll be surprised at how easy it is to obtain one. Now each state does have different laws when it comes to firearms, however federal law really only blocks people under 18, those with criminal records, mentally disabled, and others from purchasing a firearm (Masters). Those who aren't licensed are required to complete background checks (Masters). When compared to Canada, you need to be 18, obtain a license, and complete background checks & a safety course (Masters). There's also restrictions on certain types of guns in Canada that a person can purchase having completed the previous steps (Masters).


     Ultimately, the United States functions differently when it comes to gun control vs other developed countries. It's less harsher laws have prevented many homicides, but as a result bad people can get guns easier. The argument regarding gun control won't be coming to an end anytime soon due to the several differences you see when comparing developed countries and how it has effectively helped its specific country.




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How Can the United States Improve Its Record of Firearm Death Rates?



Gun Control Similar to Other Developed Countries Would Lower Firearm Death Rates


When people don't have access to guns as easy as in the United States, gun violence will drastically decrease. Let's take a look at the statistics when comparing the United States to other developed countries.



As you clearly see in this graph, the United States has a much higher homicide rate when compared to developed countries like Australia, Canada, Spain, Great Britain, and the Netherlands. The reason the United States has a much higher homicide rate is due to the gun laws. All the developed countries listed have much stricter gun laws than the United States, some even thinking that owning a gun isn't right, but a privilege. As a result, they have much less homicide rates because criminals are not able to get their hands on a gun. The same effect will happen with the United States over time if its gun control laws become much harsher. 


Reducing Our Violent Culture Through Reducing the Glorification of Firearms in Gaming and Entertainment Would Lower Firearm Death Rates


When we look at video games that have guns in it, what do we see? We see killing everywhere and pure enjoyment from those who are playing the game. There's no warning, there's nothing that advocates against gun violence, the only thing you'll be finding is someone smiling from killing their so called "enemies". This is something video games should not be endorsing at all.


I myself are a gamer. I have well over 100 games on my computer that is filled with guns, blood, and for the most part I get joy from it. I don't stop to ever think about what I am doing because I am having too much fun ruthlessly slaughtering all my opponents standing in my way, whether it would be tyranids from Dawn of War or demons from DOOM. All must die.


Now imagine if one of these gamers just happened to have mental problems, is being bullied, or desire something. You never know if they'll snap and pull out a glock and apply the same effects from video games, or if they'll continue on with their lives. Violent video games need to put an end to this through the means of not creating anymore, or instead of violence have everyone hug it out.


Better Gun Safety and Responsible Gun Ownership Would Lower Firearm Death Rates


Having better, more thought out gun safety and response gun owners would lower the amount of deaths from guns. When you look at a graph with the amount homicides and gun purchases, you'll notice a steady incline in gun purchases but also a decline in the amount of homicides.



As you see here, having most or all of the population having a gun decreases the amount of homicides. Let's face it, wouldn't you be scared to commit a crime if an opposing person had a gun? I would, because majority of the people that do commit crimes intend to get out of there alive. Now let's tie in having better gun safety into this. Storing guns most safely (mainly from children) through means of a safe or locking it will also lower amount of deaths from guns. Just look at school shootings, keeping guns more safe will prevent children getting a hold of it.




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